New Eco Label TBCC

Vu dans la presse
Oriol & Fontanel has worked on eco design for more than 5 years; we are leader in développent of solutions of Green Riblons. 80% of our ribbon production is Green and objective is 90ù for end of 2021. Oriol & Fontanel is involved in environnement respect and has decided to go further than its own products and propose deliveries 100% Green, without plastic and metal. The idea is to deliver a green ribbon packed and delivered in a Green way. Oriol & Fontanel is proud to annouce the launch of its new Eco Label TBCC "All Bio In & Out". First format of TBCC label is for printed ribbons. Please find attached the présentation of the concept. Other products will soon be proposed under TBCC label such as bows, tassels, ornamets .... Andrezieux Bouthéon le 23/04/21