Oriol & Fontanel, Eco design policy, 2019 presentation

Each day, the company and its partners are committed to providing a tailored and innovative service for the world's leading luxury brands.
We ensure a rigorous quality control, in the respect of social and eco, with special attention to our productions all over the world.
Our company follows the REACH standard for the sake of respect for the environment.
O&F is a certified Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. This Label is awarded to any French company that has an economic heritage, composed in particular of a rare, renowned or ancestral know-how, based on the mastery of traditional techniques or of high technicality.
Finally O&F is the leader in eco-design of its Ribbon products:
1. Recycled fibres: We weave from 2014 100% recyclable Ribbons based on recycled fibres on behalf of the company Burberry.
2. 100% Bio: We source 100% organic fibers to weave cotton ribbons for many brands
3. 100% biodegradable: development in partnership with the lenzing brand of cotton or satin look ribbons based on natural fibers from wood cellulose.
You will find attached :
1. our 2019 presentation brochure.
2. the presentation of our 100% Bio Made in France Ribbon offer.